Monday, January 16, 2017

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So, Rahul Gandhi is the most funny Indian politician today. You can love him, you can hate him but you cannot ignore him. Watch Rahul Gandhi funniest moments in this compilation. Rahul Gandhi most funny speeches in Rahul Gandhi most funny compilation.

Here’s a full dose of comedy and that will tickle your funny bones to the hilt. Presenting the Badshah of Social Humour and Face of comic Youth Icon of India…the one and only Rahul Gandhi. Just bringing on his name will bring a smile on your lips. His hilarious speeches leave his listeners totally amused and the display of delight on their faces is all the more encouraging for Rahul Gandhi to present a better comic version of himself every time he opens his mouth to give his comments on the Political and Social status of the country.

This segment of Rahul Gandhi speeches is a compilation of some of the most hilarious moments of his display of IQ.The video starts with a very old clipping of one of his early speeches commenting on his own Congress Party. His comments making fun of his very own party leaves you in splits. The legacy of Congress being ridiculed is the ultimate desi humour.Next is an excerpt of one of his speeches to the general public where he’s seen fumbling with his papers and fumbling with his words.

Moving on to next clipping where he says “he got up this morning in the night”…leaves you wondering which school he learnt his English and surely he seems to be talking in his sleep! The million dollar question which his fans ask is,”Does Rahul Gandhi himself understands what he says?”No wonder he has become a butt of social media jokes though he himself gives the media chances to mince his words and actions into hilarious historical moments be it copying condolence message from his phone which you will see in this short video compilation or praising the females of Gujarat for providing milk to Amul.

The Pappu of Social Media or Chota Bheem of whatsapp and facebook jokes is a rage amongst the educated youth for feeding their comic needs. Even the experienced and inexperienced parliamentarians enjoy his speeches which is evident from the excerpts of his speeches in Parliament in this video compilation.The conviction with which he utters every single word is all the more amusing. The funny speeches end up as fail moments and the fail moments of slip of tongue as well as his desperate hunt for the text from which he reads out his speeches is iconic.

One of the most funny excerpts of his speeches in this compilation is where he is taking a negative dig at the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and Make in India initiatives of the Modi Govt questioning the progress and viability of it and the positive response of the audience leaves you roaring with laughter.Infact you will question his mental abilities when you see him smiling at his mom’s speech wherein Sonia Gandhi on a serious note is commenting on the negative response towards Congress Party’s efforts.

All in all this compilation of funny speeches by Rahul Gandhi beats any comedy show grabbing the highest TRPs.Although he has given many bouncer speeches which are difficult to understand but this compilation truly brings forth the Best of Rahul Gandhi Humour.Keep watching….keep laughing!

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