Monday, February 6, 2017

Source: YouTube

Hey folks! Do you ever get home tired and frustrated? Do you ever have a bad day and you feel like shutting out everything? If your answer is yes then here is a compilation of funny baby videos and baby failed attempts to make your mind relax and chill and forget the miseries of the day.

These funny videos have kids who are proud to mess up their own stuff and their mom’s too. The hilarious mash up has a cute baby dozing off to sleep having a slice of watermelon. Another cutie pie girl is all smeared up in black in what she calls a trial of her mom’s little bit of make-up, which resembles more of shoe polish than a range of cosmetics.

Apart from funny baby acts the videos have kids failing in stunts and simple everyday playing like swimming or sliding or a walk across a park tripping and rolling over their own stuff. You will also find a naughty little girl giving a demo of a stylish haircut with such confidence that can leave even the best of hair stylists a run for their money.

Then you have a series of toddlers bumping their cute little heads against the walls, glass doors and for that matter anywhere and everywhere. And as the saying goes boys will be boys, you have boys with failed attempt at stunts and sliding and swimming.

There is a cute little thirsty baby girl who just doesn’t get it right every time she presses the button of the water fountain tap. Her thirst and desperation to have water will simply melt your hearts as she struggles to get some water into her mouth.

Watch these cute and funny baby acts and baby fails compilation ho never fail to amuse you and make you laugh. This awesome funny baby compilation will make your heart smile and forget a hard day in a jiffy. These are some of the funniest compilations of kids failing in their routine play acts.try not to laugh and you will end up laughing more than you thought.

These ultimate baby videos have toddlers and kids bumping their heads against the ground while attempting hilarious stunts.Infact you will catch a few parents here and there contributing to the baby fails which is all the more hilarious. Make sure you subscribe to more of these compilations. These funny baby videos and baby fail compilations are very different from what you must be watching daily for a good laugh. These funny baby videos pep you up to face another mundane day or it’s the perfect way to end a mundane day. The ultimate kids, toddlers and babies are hilarious in this short compilation of funny baby videos and baby fails.

Keep watching these funny baby videos, become a baby yourself and try a hand or two at the stunts which these babies and kids fail at. Relive your childhood and enter the world of a child who loves to mess around, hop round, jump around and bump around! Keep laughing….stay awesome….stay healthy!

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