Myths about India and Indians around the World

There’re many myths around the world about India and Indians, and most of which are not true at all. The two versions of India, how the world sees them and what the ground reality is some of which are listed below.

In World: Indians are dark in color.
In India: That’s not true.

In World: All Indians speaks Hindi.
In India: India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages, and they all are spoken.

In World: India was Discovered by Vasco-de-Gama.
In India: Vasco-de-Gama discovered the sea-route to India.

In World: Indians always greet with “Namaste”.
In India: Well, that’s one of the several ways of greeting in India.

In World: Indian food is too spicy.
In India: Not always. Not everywhere.

In World: India is a Hot Country.
In India: Nope. India has SIX Ecological Seasons.

In World: Indians move around places on Elephants.
In India: Yes, Indians used to, when there were no Vehicles.

In World: In India, you’ll find deep insights about your life.
In India: Well India is not a shop selling spirituality.

In World: Indians have a funny English Accent.
In India: Indian English Accent is the easiest understandable Accents.

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