Do’s and Don’ts of Issuing a Cheque

A cheque is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a person’s account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued.

Writing cheques


  • Always fill up the cheque yourself
  • Cancel the words ”or bearer” & write ”A/c payee” on the top-left corner to avoid cheque misuse
  • Write ”only” after amount in words and put ”/-” after the amount in numbers
  • Write clearly and legibly & always use permanent ink pens such as a ball pen in blue or black colour
  • Sign only in space provided above the ’name of the account holder’ or ’authorized signatory’ fields
  • Sign clearly to ensure the cheque is not bounced due to mismatch in the signature
  • Strike through unused space in the name and amount fields to avoid any unauthorized additions
  • Please validate the identity of third party if handing over cheques for any loan or insurance offering


  • Do not leave wide blank spaces in fields like payee name, amount in words and numbers
  • Do not overwrite, scribble, cancel or rewrite on a cheque

Handling cheques


  • Handover a cheque only after correctly filling all details i.e. date, payee name, amount in words and numbers
  • Ensure your account has sufficient funds before you issue a cheque
  • Report loss of cheque leaves to bank immediately and request stop payment. If multiple cheques are lost, request stop payment on the entire series
  • In the event of any alterations/corrections, a new cheque leaf should be used
  • Write ”cancelled” clearly across the face of the cheque to suitably deface it and make it unusable


  • Do not keep pre-signed blank cheque leaves
  • Do not disfigure or damage the MICR band at the bottom of the cheque in any way

Tips to safeguard yourself against fraud

RBI Governor, banks does not send emails or SMSs asking you to deposit money in their accounts to get a large sum of money to your account. Never fall a victim to such frauds.

Do not respond to any email from an unknown person offering you a huge sum of money & asking for a fee to initiate the transfer.

Do not send any money as an initial deposit/commission/transfer fee to anyone for any offer made in the name of RBI/Income Tax/World bank/IMF or any such reputed organization as they never ask for such money.

RBI never approaches individuals for savings/ current account, credit/ debit card etc.

RBI does not keep funds or accounts of any individual/ public/ trust. Do not be a victim of any such offer made to you on telephone/ email in the name of RBI.

Never share your internet banking details such as user ID/ password or credit/ debit card number/ CVV/ OTP/ ATM PIN/ Telephone PIN with anyone either over telephone or email even if they claim to be from RBI.

Never get lured by offers mentioning "you have won a lottery" even if they come in the name of RBI Governor or any such reputed person/ organization.

Immediately lodge a complaint with local Police/cyber-crime authorities if you are being harassed by telephone calls/emails offering you huge sum of money.

What does a fraudster want?

By impersonating as a trustworthy entity over call (telephone/mobile/IVR), the fraudster attempts to acquire sensitive information such as :

  • Banking PIN
  • CVV/OTP/ATM PIN/Internet password
  • Credit card and personal financial details

Beware when you get a call from an unknown caller saying...

  • "Share bank account details so that the Income Tax Refund can be transferred to it..."
  • "Card has been temporarily blocked and to avoid permanent blocking, do the following..."
  • "Reward points in card are due to expire soon, share details to transfer it to your account..."
  • "Do as directed else card will be deactivated..."

How can you protect yourself?

  • Never share confidential details like Card number/Card expiry date/CVV/OTP/Internet password/ATM PIN/Telephone PIN with anyone
  • Review your credit card and bank statements regularly
  • Always visit websites by typing URL in the address bar
  • Ensure the website uses encryption technology
  • Report suspected abuse of your personal information to the designated authorities

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